Kev Rodgers

“It’s funny how the colours of the real world only seem really real when you viddy them on the screen.” 🎥

“You know, a lot of people go to college for 7 years.” 🎥

According to the statistics, this is my 7th two guess out of 275 games played. I did get a one guess once, but that got lost when the NYT bought the game.

Wordle 721 2/6


As long as Mailplane keeps working, I’ll continue to use it. Mimestream would be an adequate replacement, but it’s missing Calendar access which I use often in Mailplane.

“Don’t fuck this up, Mitchell!” 🎥

The rare two.

Wordle 703 2/6


Half priced MarsEdit? Yes, please. Thank you!

“Oh…well. Pardon me, Mr. Perfect! I guess I forgot that you never ever make a mistake.” 🎥

“Hi. We’re not allowed in the house.” 🎥

Wordle 693 4/6


Posting this just as a test.

“Beef Jerky time.” 🎥

I subscribed to the Kagi standard plan. I’m going to use it at home and work. The standard plan may not be enough. Might have to upgrade.

“Where’s Pancakes House?” 🎥

I can’t believe I’m considering paying a subscription for a search engine.

“Relax, alright? My old man is a television repairman. Got this ultimate set of tools. I can fix it!” 🎥

Sometimes I think I’m typing a password in a VM console, but when I look up from the keyboard, there’s no password. Where did it go then?

“Just because I don’t know what it is, doesn’t mean I’m lying.” 🎥

I have a new custom domain and I’m looking into an email service for it. Already tried and cancelled Fastmail looks good, but I don’t need calendar and contacts. Or, do I?

I’m very glad I pre-ordered a PlayDate before posted about the upcoming price increase.

The Mastodon experience is better from the Mastodon side than the side. But, do I even want the Mastodon experience?

I can follow and reply to Mastodon users with Why then would I need a Mastodon account?

“Karl, schieß dem fenster.” 🎥

“Don’t worry. If the roast beef is right, they’ll be back.” 🎥

If you carry your phone and wallet in the same pocket, I recommend that you don’t take your phone out until after you’ve gotten in your car and closed the door. This will ensure that the wallet doesn’t fall on the ground and you drive away without it.

I’m now using Fira Code 18pt as my monospace font.