Kev Rodgers

“Who own The Chiefs?” 🎥

“Great! You’ve killed The Invisible Swordsman!” 🎥

“…and she stepped on the ball.” 🎥

“How about a nice hot dog and a beer?” 🎥

“The ice…is going to break!” 🎥

“Can’t take it anymore, Felix, I’m crackin’ up. Everything you do irritates me. And when you’re not here, the things I know you’re going to do when you come in irritate me. You leave me little notes on my pillow. Told you 158 times I cannot stand little notes on my pillow! ‘We are all out of Corn Flakes - F.U.’ Took me 3 hours to figure out that F.U. was Felix Ungar.” 🎥

“It’s funny how the colours of the real world only seem really real when you viddy them on the screen.” 🎥

“You know, a lot of people go to college for 7 years.” 🎥

“Don’t fuck this up, Mitchell!” 🎥

“Oh…well. Pardon me, Mr. Perfect! I guess I forgot that you never ever make a mistake.” 🎥

“Hi. We’re not allowed in the house.” 🎥

“Beef Jerky time.” 🎥

“Where’s Pancakes House?” 🎥

“Relax, alright? My old man is a television repairman. Got this ultimate set of tools. I can fix it!” 🎥

“Just because I don’t know what it is, doesn’t mean I’m lying.” 🎥

“Karl, schieß dem fenster.” 🎥

“Don’t worry. If the roast beef is right, they’ll be back.” 🎥

“Carmine said one boy. Here are two.” 🎥

“Hey! Pinocchio. Where are you going?” 🎥

“You can’t triple stamp a double stamp! You can’t triple stamp a double stamp, Lloyd! You can’t triple stamp a double stamp!” 🎥

“Alright meow, hand over your license and registration.” 🎥

“It’s 106 miles to Chicago. We got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it’s dark, and we’re wearing sunglasses.” 🎥

“I want to get one thing straight here, or I’m walkin’ too. I don’t work on January the 8th…cause that’s Elvis’ birthday.” 🎥

“Why are you speaking American?” 🎥

“Hey Griswald! Where do you think you’re gonna put a tree that big?” 🎥