• After review, that last movie quote should have been: “I’ll tell you what then. Why don’t you call me sometime when you have no class?” 🎥

    I may not always post the quotes accurately, but the gist will be there. And that’s well within the rules of the movie quote game.

  • “Why don’t you call me when you have no class?” 🎥

  • “Four weeks, twenty papers, that’s two dollars…plus tip.” 🎥

  • “All balls itch! It’s a fact!” 🎥

  • Moving forward, I‘m going to go with 🎥 for movie quotes.

  • “Or, this one?” 🎞

  • “If this were a movie quote, which emoji would look more appropriate at the end?” 🎥

  • “That’s none.” 🎬

  • I’d like to use the Atom editor, but it stalled on me today when trying to paste some brackets on 640 lines. It’s back to Sublime Text for me.

  • Style Guide

    Here is a style guide for kevrodg.net. This is a regular paragraph. The Markdown syntax will make it easier to write blog posts.

    Header 2

    This is a paragraph below a level 2 header. Is there enough information here to make a qualitative judgement about this section? Here’s a little bit more text. I could type more here, but I think it’s enough.

    Code Needed

    I might write a post that has some code in it. That would look like this:

    Typing ifconfig | grep netmask in the CLI will show the IP addresses on a Mac.

    Code blocks will look like this:

    def reverse(text):
        pos = -1
        rev = ""
        for i in text:
    	    rev = rev + text[len(text) + pos]
    	    pos = pos -1
    print rev


    Here is how blockquotes will look:

    This is part of the blockquote. This is another part of the blockquote. How is Micro.blog handling all this?

    This is a regular paragraph after a block quote.

  • “Always…no. Never forget to check your references.” 🎬

  • Something clever.

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