I’ve been enrolled in Leo Babauta’s Zen Habits Sea Change Program since March of this year. I started with forming the meditation habit, which was easy for me because I’ve been meditating every morning for a few months already. That was followed by forming an exercise habit in April. I did pretty well with that one. I chose running as my exercise and ran around the block nearly every morning (I missed two days and I’m fine with that).

AppleScript Move Mail Message

I upgraded to OS X Lion and the AppleScript I was using to move a selected mail message to another mailbox broke. Here is the offending script:

No Tracking Here

I’m on a bit of a privacy kick lately and I’ve decided to remove the tracking components from my site. I was at one point using Google Analytics, but dropped that in favor of Sean Inman’s Mint. I have since removed Mint from my site. A nice side benefit from this is that I was able to switch my site’s server type back to static. It’s cheaper that way.

A Breakdown of Sweet Mac Setups

Shawn Blanc runs a series on his website that showcases Sweet Mac Setups. It’s for people who “wish to geek out over workspaces, software, and hardware.” People like me. My setup was profiled in June of 2009.

Safari Extensions Obviate NNW

Two Safari extensions have obviated my need for NetNewsWire: greader-bgtabs and Google Reader Styles.

Link List Post with Jekyll and Applescript

In the previous post, I mentioned that I hacked together a somewhat automated process to create a linked list style post. The following AppleScript is what I came up with:

The Search is Over

When I was twelve, we didn’t have cable television, so if we wanted to see any music videos, we waited for NBC’s Friday Night Videos. On one particular Friday night, the video for Survivor’s “The Search is Over” was scheduled. The cool thing about this is my Uncle Alex (UA) is in the video.

A Picture Please

This website is coming along and now I want to test a post with a picture in it.

Syntax Highlighting Test

Apparently, Jekyll can use Pygments to highlight the syntax of code. This seems like it would be cool, so let’s see if I can get it to work. The following is the AppleScript I use to move a message to the @action mailbox.

Jekyll Testing

I want to test how I can use Jekyll to publish my website.